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Avalon Theatre & Wunderland

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Contact Information
Phone: 503-238-1617
3451 SE Belmont St 97214
17235 NW Corridor Court 97006
140 NW Burnside Rd 97030
  • Street
  • Max/Bus/Rideshare
  • Rideshare
Family Friendly:
  • Yes
  • Table Games
  • 2-D Video Games
  • Prize Center
  • After Dark Activities
  • Parties
Seasonal Hours:

Hours may differ based on location. See website for admission prices, movie times.

Hours of Operation:
Mon. 12:00 PM - 00:00 AM
Tue. 12:00 PM - 00:00 AM
Wed. 12:00 PM - 00:00 AM
Thu. 12:00 PM - 00:00 AM
Fri. 12:00 PM - 00:00 AM
Sat. 11:00 AM - 00:00 AM
Sun. 12:00 PM - 00:00 AM

From their website:

Wunderland is a family owned business that offers a clean, fun and safe environment for families and guests of all ages and prides itself on personal friendly customer service. The heart of Wunderland comes from offering over 100 arcade games at each location. After paying a small admission charge you will find all games operate using nickels! The majority of the games range from one to four nickels per play while a few are up to eight nickels per play if you want to test your skill in one of our jumbo plush crane machines. Wunderland offers some of the latest games released as well as many time tested favorites. One of our specialties is redemption games. These fascinating games of skill allow you to challenge yourself or your friends and give you the opportunity to walk away with loads of tickets. From classic alley games to the latest in redemption game technology with each nickel played you have a chance to expand you winnings. We also offer a wide variety of fun and challenging video games including racing games where you can be the driver of your favorite sports car, a wild motorcycle, an off road vehicle or the latest in hydro speed boats. You will also find many games to test your skill such as target and hunting games. With a wide selection of games, players of all skill levels are sure to find something to enjoy. Game selection does vary by location but you will find a large selection of exciting games no matter which you choose. After the game playing is done you can trade tickets from redemption games at the prize redemption counter where you will find an ever changing selection of over 200 different prizes. We offer prizes in a very large price range so everyone can leave with something to enjoy.

As part of the Wunderland experience four of our locations also offer discount movie theatres. All of our theatres are equipped with the latest in digital sound and projection which means every movie is crisp and clear for every show. We show the same movies that the main stream first run theatres are playing but at a significantly reduced price everyday, all day. We have also become the first discount theater to offer all digital 3D using the latest in 3D technology from Master Image. If you can wait just a few short weeks to see the latest blockbuster or if you want to see your favorite again Wunderland movie theatres are a great way to see the show. Of course to enhance your movie experience these locations offer a nice selection of your movie favorites at our snack bar. You will find a selection of refreshing Pepsi products, including soda pop and the new Siberian Chill Slushee, fresh popped popcorn, lightly sweet and crispy kettle corn, candy bars and ice cream. Again all of this is offered at the best prices in town.

And finally, Wunderland is now offering laser tag. Come play in our exciting themed arena with the latest in laser tag equipment and arena technology. You will find our laser tag games have a more interactive experience than any other arenas around. Battle against the arena and other players all while being immersed in special effects lighting, sound and fog. Once again Wunderland is proud to say we offer this experience at a lower price than any other facility with our every day low price. No specials or coupons needed just the best price in town on every game.

We hope to see you soon, Let the Fun Begin!

How Many Locations: 5

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