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Rideshare Driver Inspiration

Why should I go to such extremes? Why should I even try to be so entertaining?
Why not?
Why shouldn’t I try to have fun at my job? And make others happy;
gain more knowledge; feel more connected to another human being.
Ultimately, we’re providing a service this gives those who are trying to be nice, permission to have what they want most during the ride they’re paying for.

Random Trivia Mission

So what else do my passengers know? What other tidbits of information, history, trivia could I learn? So for a solid week, this became my next passenger question.
Do you have any random trivia to share?
Sure, I’d like trivia about, Portland, Oregon, the Pacific Northwest. But my only criteria became, “It must be moderately interesting.“ In just a little over a week I collected three 8 1/2 x 11 pages of trivia.

What’s Your Go-To Karaoke Songs?

This is one of my favorite after dark questions to ask. There are so many different answers. Songs you wouldn’t expect from the exterior packaging. Many have appreciated my eclectic music selections on my Lyft Driving Playlist. Got a Girls night out group, and we can...

Tips For New Drivers

Learn to gauge your audience.
Have 3 or 4 ice-breaker questions ready. Make sure to have your own answers if they ask it back.
Keep music low enough for conversation level; but turn it up a bit if they like it. When they ask for louder, do it in stages.

What Skill Would You Like To Learn?

I had a 7 y.o. kid tell me a couple weeks ago he wanted to learn programming. “Ooo cool. What would you do with a skill like that?“ And he proceeded to tell me and his mom, with just a little prompting, what kind of video game and app he would build. I suggested to his mom to Jot some of those ideas down!

A Discussion About Underage Passengers

Here are ridesharing policies on underage passengers for Lyft and here, and for Uber. There’s also an insurance liability issue. If a driver were the only adult in the vehicle with some minor, and anything were to happen along the way, the driver would be responsible...